InterPuls LE30 Pulsator for Milking Machines can be serviced in less than 5 minutes. The patented "Servo-Direct" pulsation system enables precise signal control. Outstanding pulsation performance ensures optimised milking and massaging, to rapidly and delicately empty the udder. Designed to minimise vacuum consumption and ensure excellent vacuum stability. Low electrical consumption to reduce the risk of oxidation of electrical contacts and save energy. Completely sealed to ensure total protection against external moisture and water. If milk escapes into the pulsator, as a result of a split liner for example, clean water may simply be flushed through via the pulsation tubes, without having to dismantle the unit. Extremely quiet operation during milking. Available with optional air filter for particularly harsh operating conditions. Quick-fit mounting with fluctuation suppression baffles to minimise disturbances in the pulsation phases.